About me

Hello there! I'm Risa Somers. In this little world of ours I got bitten by a great passion of mine: UXP and UI. I love to find solutions and setting ideas in actuals applications.

In 2015 I graduated from the highschool SMIKS. After my graduation in trade and business I could take my dreams to a higher level. I signed myself in for a 3 years program at the Thomas More college in Mechelen. Now i'm in my second year - Design and I found my passion in UXP and UI.

Now i'm working on my carreer because why wouldn't I dream bigger. My passion is being a member of the Designosource team. After this I want to study one last year, only development so I can get my skills to a higher level than they are now. After this it's time to find a workplace as a UXP, UI designer and/or Project manager.

HTML/CSS Java script / JQuery / java / PHP
Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign
After Effects - 3D
This is me



I think and imagine a lot of solutions for problems that companies have. I can help you sketch these problems out. Work on them in a design and let you see a solution for your problem.

Design - Development

Every website has a unique character. I'm the one who can give this.


With my big passion for UXP and UI I can help you sketch these solutions out and make them visible in illustrator and photoshop. In the next phase I can make the actions in invision. Also I can make logo's, templates, ... for your company.

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My work

These are not all my projects. Here is a list of my latest work.




This an application for a light industry

Machi is a lightning app that helps kids with ADD and ASS. These kids have problems with too much light or when the lights too flashy. These kids can make their light, even their whole room the way they want it to look. So if they have problems with the lights at that moment they can change it the way they want it to.

As an extra kids can chose lights as an emotion. If they feel stressed or mad they can chose the emotion "relax". This emotion has the colours tha make you relaxed. You can have a sleep mode, active mode, ...

The last action are routines. This is an easy tool for parents. Here you can make routines as you wish.

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Schoolproject weather app

As a schoolproject I made a weather app for people who use "Facebook events" a lot. This app helps u manage your events by weather so you don't have to think much about the weather.It's an easy tool that helps you control your events and says what you can do best if their is some kind of weather comming.

If you want to use this app you have to connect the app with your Facebook account. After that you can check which events you're going to and which you're interested in. You can filter your events and see more information about every event. When you see "more information" you get notifications about what you should do to get trough this kind of weather. You can see the weather of every location you added in the app and more information about this location.

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